The Salmon Arm Downtown Improvement Association (DSA) is a membership-based, not-for-profit organization that was founded to market and promote the downtown through events and promotional schemes. Over the years the mandate of the organization has expanded to encompass a “neighborhood management” philosophy.

In 1988 the DSA was the first association in the province to be established as a Business Improvement Area under the BC Municipal Act. This new act enabled property owners within a designated area to approve the collection of fees for the express purpose of promotion, beautification, and marketing of that designated area. The Municipality collects the levy for disbursement to the Association for projects that are annually approved.

The BC Municipal Act, By-law No. 3205, states that property owners of Class 5 and Class 6 properties within the designated business improvement area must agree to be assessed a special levy for a business improvement scheme.

Only business properties within the designated area are included in collection of the levy for the area; this levy does not apply to residential properties. This levy is collected by the City of Salmon Arm according to a mill rate on the assessed value of those Class 5 and Class 6 properties.



The current Board of Directors is comprised of representatives from all sectors of the membership and all geographical areas of the business improvement area. The Board also welcomes the involvement of community-based representatives who provide valued perspectives and input on a range of issues.

President: Ron Langridge
Vice President:Jacquie Gaudreau
Treasurer:Jeff Johnson
Directors:Jenna Meikle
Bill Laird
Shawna Mattson
Nicole Duxbury
Kailee Ramsell
Karina White
Claire Askew
Craig Newnes
Sheri Greeno
Vera Chomysen

City of Salmon Arm Representative: Kevin Flynn

Staff: Jennifer Broadwell, Althea Mongerson

Downtown Salmon Arm respectfully acknowledges it operates on the unceeded and traditional territory of the Secwepemc Peoples